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 Main admin of Whatsapp group sharing child porn arrested

Main admin of Whatsapp group sharing child porn arrested

New Delhi: The Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) has registered a case against the members of a WhatsApp group for allegedly uploading and circulating child pornography videos.

The agency arrested the group admin, Nikhil Verma, a resident of Kannauj in Uttar Pradesh, and registered a case against five other admins and 114 mem....

 Schools must take seriously their responsibility to prevent bullying

Schools must take seriously their responsibility to prevent bullying

ON TUESDAY, a 15-year-old female middle school student in Xianyou city, East China's Fujian province, was stabbed to death by a male classmate. The local police said the suspect stabbed the victim in the neck. Thepaper.cn comments:

The local police said the suspect is under the age of 18, which sparked fierce discussion online be....

 Sexting: do you know what your teenager is doing on their phone?

Sexting: do you know what your teenager is doing on their phone?

Irish teens are the fourth most prolific ‘sexters’ in EU; how can parents deal with the issue?

Almost half of teenagers in their final year at school say they have participated in sexting – an activity that increases progressively through each year of second-level education.


 Indonesian police probe foreign ‘orders’ for child pornography

Indonesian police probe foreign ‘orders’ for child pornography

Indonesian authorities are investigating whether a child pornography ring had links to an international network, police said on Tuesday, after videos of adult women engaged in sexual acts with boys went viral on social media.

Police in West Java province said three boys, as young as seven, who figured in the videos are now in the....

 Growing demand fuels child porn in Indonesia

Growing demand fuels child porn in Indonesia

The latest case revolves around footage depicting a woman engaging in sexual acts with two boys in one video and another woman with one boy in another video.

The videos showed three street boys aged 7 to 13, said Sr. Comr. Umar Surya Fana, director of the criminal investigation unit at the West Java Police, which is probing the c....

 In court first, Swede jailed for rape of children online

In court first, Swede jailed for rape of children online

STOCKHOLM (Reuters) - A man was jailed for 10 years for rape by a Swedish court on Thursday for forcing 27 children from the United States, Canada and Britain to perform sex acts on themselves or with other children that he viewed over the internet.

The case, heard in Uppsala, marked the first time in Sweden that a person has bee....

 YouTube’s Child-Abuse Problem Is Getting Worse

YouTube’s Child-Abuse Problem Is Getting Worse

In the wake of a viral Medium post calling attention to some very disturbing YouTube channels apparently aimed at children, YouTube has pledged its commitment to ensuring that its channels are safe, clean, and family-friendly. The problem is, well, it’s hard to clean up a site to which hundreds of hours of video are uploaded every minute — and there are ....

 Ex-airman sentenced for child sex abuse

Ex-airman sentenced for child sex abuse

WILMINGTON, Del. (AP) — A former Dover Air Force Base airman been sentenced to 30 months in prison for sexually abusing a teenage runaway.

Twenty-one-year-old Akeem Beazer of Pompano Beach, Florida, had faced up to 15 years in prison at Wednesday's sentencing, but sentencing guidelines called for 24 to 30 months behind bars....

 Estimated 20,000 British men interested in sexually abusing children

Estimated 20,000 British men interested in sexually abusing children

Police chief Simon Bailey says even thousands more detectives would not be enough to bring every offender to justice

The police chief in charge of child protection says tens of thousands of British men have shown an interest in sexually abusing children.

Simon Bailey said investigators monitor....

 Child sexual abuse: a national epidemic that nobody talks about

Child sexual abuse: a national epidemic that nobody talks about

Too many disturbing reports recently have taken the lid off the scandal of children subjected to sexual violence. The infants, some as young as 4 years, don’t realise what they have gone through

Sunil (name changed), an unmarried young servant in the house of a wealthy businessman entices young girls between the ages of 4 a....

Feb 18

The Safer Internet Day, under the slogan "Create, Respect and Connect: Better Internet Starts With You", was marked in Bosnia and Herzegovina, organized by the International Forum of Solidarity - EMMAUS with the support of the Committee for the Marking of the Safer Internet Day BiH (SID Committee of BiH) and sponsors Microsoft and Logosoft.

On February 6, a competition for elementary and secondary school students from Bosnia and Herzegovina and Croatia was realized through specially created applications on the website www.dansigurnijeginterneta.org which consisted of an online quiz with questions related to safe use of the Internet, after which the above mentioned the website, as well as the website www.sigurnodijete.ba published winners of the quiz among the children who correctly answered to 80% and more questions.

This year, more than 17400 students from Bosnia and Herzegovina and Croatia took part in the competition, and approached the quiz more than 44600 times, as a result of successful cooperation and commitment of IFS-EMMAUS and CNZD (Center for Missing and Exploited Children), as well as members of the SID Committeeof BiH, Ministries of education, Pedagogical institutes, Educational institutions and media from all over Bosnia and Herzegovina and Croatia, who, before the competition, implemented a series of activities aimed at animating children for participation in the competition.


Participants have won valuable prizes, such as tablets, smartphones, cameras, wi-fi headphones, headphones with a microphone and power banks.

We congratulate to the winners on prizes, and especially on the interest and knowledge about the safety on the internet that they displayed during the competition, and we congratulate the schools on the successful conduct of the educational process resulting in the success of the students.

As in previous years, IFS-EMMAUS will organise the final event of marking the Safer Internet Day 2018 in BiH, by organising announcement of the winners and the awarding of valuable prizes on February 20, 2018 in the period from 12:00 to 13:00 in Primary School " Kulin Ban "in Visoko, where students will talk about safe use of the Internet. General sponsor of SID 2018 is Microsoft BiH, and Logosoft also provided valuable prizes for the most successful competitors.

We also invite media representatives to join us at the closing event marking the Safer Internet Day.

For more information contact: International Solidarity Forum - EMMAUS

Tel: 033 263 385; Fax: 033 263 386; e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Jan 18

On 30th January, 2018, from 11:00 to 12:30 in the Info Centre of the Delegation of European Union in Bosnia and Herzegovina, a public promotion of the application and awarding ceremony „Be a Cyber-detective!“. The application is one of the activities that are realised within the project „Development of Child Friendly Guidelines for Prevention of Violence Against Children in Bosnia and Herzegovina“, a project funded by the European Union and implemented by the association International Forum of Solidarity – EMMAUS, with the support of UNICEF.

Besides children and youth, representatives of respective institutions of international organisations, and civil society from Bosnia and Herzegovina have also attended the aforementioned event, as well as experts in relevant fields. Representatives of the Delegation of European Union in BiH, UNICEF, IFS – EMMAUS and the experts engaged in development of application have addressed the present audience.

Children nowadays spend most of their time in virtual world, where they often come face-to-face with diverse inappropriate contents, without any kind of protection. Although there are no confirmed statistical data for territory of our country which could point to the exact number of cases of abuse or disturbance via Internet, through the SOS hotline within web page www.sigurnodijete.ba IFS – EMMAUS has had over 700 reports of different types of inappropriate content of abuse and exploitation of children, including reports regarding the child sexual abuse material in the digital environment.

With the aim of strengthening prevention of violence against children activities, and encouraging the children and youth, parents and professionals and wider public to contribute to the identifying and reporting of cases of violence against children, IFS – EMMAUS has realised an online educational quiz „Be a Cyber-detective!“, which was played by 850 children, age 12-18, during 6 weeks. In accordance with great results of online quiz and the interest of children in the topic, a web application „Be a Cyber-detective!“ has been created.

Application is intended to be used in schools across the country, for education of children, but parents, teaching staff and other professionals as well, on different types of violence against children and ways of prevention and reporting. It is created in the form of an online quiz, which consists of 2 segments which can be used for primary knowledge testing, and one for after realised education for checking the gained knowledges; online – through social networks, but as well as offline – for realisation and use during regular school classes and/or home computers.

A need for preventive reacting and intensified education and awareness raising amongst children and youth on various types of violence has been especially emphasized. Publicising, public promotion and distribution of the promoted contents to the wider public and professional community, are a significant contribution to the strengthening the already established system of child protection in BiH, with the aim of adequate answering to all known types of violence, exploitation and neglect of children.

Dec 17

Dec 17

October 18, 2017 is the International Migrant´s Day. It is observed since 2000 when the General Assembly of the United Nations adopted the International Convention on the Protection of the Rights of All Migrant Workers and Their Families. It is observed across the globe by intergovernmental and non-governmental organizations proclaiming human rights and fundamental freedoms of migrants.

On this occasion, IFS-EMMAUS participates in the Global Migration Film Festival organized by the International Organization for Migration (IOM). The Festival is taking place in the period December 5 – 18, 2017 showing 30 feature films and documentaries in over 100 countries. In Sarajevo, this Day shall be observed with film screening of two documentaries on migration in the Western Balkans, and panel discussion of experts, policy makers and practitioners engaged in in assisting migrants in the region to highlight successful approaches to address migrant vulnerabilities.

Join us in observing The International Migrant’s Day!

December 18, 2017 - Kriterion Cinema City, Sarajevo at 18:00 hours

Dec 17
Today, on December 5th, 2017, the International Forum of Solidarity - EMMAUS (IFS-EMMAUS) presents the quiz "Budi Cyber-detektiv!" (Be the Cyber-Detective!), an interactive educational application in the form of a quiz that aims to educate children how to recognize and stop the violence, and to introduce them to a relatively new type of the violence in the digital environment, which is expanding in proportion to the expansion of information and communication technologies. The application was created within the project "Child Friendly Guidelines for the Prevention of Violence against Children in Bosnia and Herzegovina", which is implemented by the IFS-EMMAUS, and supported by UNICEF and the Delegation of the European Union, as a form of guidelines for the prevention of violence against children adapted to children aged 12 + years.
Quiz via Facebook social network can be accessed by children aged 13 to 17,9 years, on "Sigurno dijete" Facebook page. For the younger population, a quiz of the same content is located on the web platform and the Internet Hotline for reporting inappropriate content on the Internet, www.sigurnodijete.ba.
All children who finish the quiz with the result and the title Super Cyber Detective have the opportunity to win weekly awards. The quiz will be active for the next six weeks, and every week, children will have the right to re-join the quiz, with the aim to enlighten the problem of violence against children. If from the first attempt, participants of the quiz do not get the result/title 'Super Cyber Detective', the next week they will have the opportunity to improve their score. Each entry gives participants the opportunity to win super prizes.
Read more about the rules of participation or play at: http://sigurnodijete.ba/cyber-detektiv or at Facebook https://www.facebook.com/sigurnodijete
Good luck!
Nov 17

The Internet is a cool place to learn new things, play games and connect with friends and family.
Billions of people around the world use the Internet just like you!

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